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Brazilian fish farming


Brazil is the 4th largest producer of the world

Source: 2020 Annual Figures PeixeBR Brazilian Fish Farming Association

The growth of fish consumption per capita and the resulting intensification of fish farming with its subsequent impact, calls for an immediate consideration of measures for fish welfare.

This topic is approached in a holistic way and linked to ethical, political, economic, environmental and social concerns. We are facing an ethical transition when it comes to the treatment of animals and the inclusion of fish in these debates is urgent.

To advance concerns about welfare for this group of animals, it is of crucial importance to consider fish as sentience beings. According to the Cambridge Convention, fish have neurological substrates that generate consciousness and therefore can suffer and react to negative impacts.


Critical points in Brazilian fish farming:

Fish farming, like any other agricultural production system, aims at profitability, producing the maximum at the lowest costs. This affects the lives of animals negatively and contributes to the degradation of the environment.

Understand how fish wellfare is affected by fish farming:

Improvements in fish welfare are possible!

Fish are animals from a very different taxonomic group, which makes it difficult to understand the degree of welfare for different species. However, there is an increasing amount of academic initiatives and research in this area. Among the possibilities for improving this sector are:

A reduction in the number of steps that involve fish manipulation*

Avoid fish being exposed to the air during loading*

Change food deprivation before transport and adjust according to species, size and temperature *

Monitor water quality and the condition of the fish*

Invest in training programs at fish fairs

Invest in academic research on fish welfare

Increase the awareness in society about fish consumption from industrial fishing and fish farming

Call for the regulation and inspection of industrial fishing activity at a federal level

*Recommendations suggested by the European Food Safety Authority


Various food companies that use products of animal origin, such as eggs and pork, have made public commitments to adopt animal welfare measures in their production chain. See what these commitments are.

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