Observatório Animal

On this platform we present the public commitments of food producing companies concerning the promotion of welfare of poultry and pigs in Brazil. We monitor how these commitments are evolving, provide information on the industrial production of animal-based food and suggest possibilities to contribute to reduce cruel practices in these production systems.

Animal Welfare

In short, welfare refers to the quality of life of an individual, based on its physical and mental health, genetics and environment. To evaluate the level of welfare, one should assess:


Adequate and sufficient access to drinking water and a balanced variation of food.


Comfortable and quiet living environment, adequate temperatures, sufficient space to move around, high air quality and good lighting.


Control of diseases and injuries, guaranteeing good physical condition.


Presence of stimuli, freedom to move around, explore the environment and express sexual and maternal behavior, allowing the animal social interaction, to flight and rest.

Mental state

Everything related to affective behavior (satisfaction, pleasure, joy, comfort, peacefulness, etc.).


Various food companies that use products of animal origin, such as eggs and pork, have made public commitments to adopt animal welfare measures in their production chain. See what these commitments are.

Laying hens

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